Hand-friendly tyres. The side walls are completely smooth, so the tyres glide silkily past the hands. Patent protected and standard on all Schwalbe wheelchair tyres, this is made possible with the unique and original 2GRIP technology.



The Flat-less tyre for wheelchairs. The Marathon has become the absolute benchmark for puncture-resistant pneumatic tyres on wheelchairs. The Smart Guard protection belt is made from a proportion of recycled natural rubber. The “anti-aging” sidewall construction can withstand typical overloading caused by low inflation pressure for much longer.



Wheelchairs with black tyres? It now has been made possible. Schwalbe developed a special Black’n Roll compound that does not leave unsightly marks on indoor floors. Additionally it is far more robust and much longer lasting.

Quality & Care

We take pride in delivering the highest quality wheelchair tyres. We care about our customers and reflect that in the products we sell as well as the service we provide.


A Helping Hand

Our goal is to help fund medical research projects. To accomplish this, we make regular donations to bona fide institutions undertaking research with a view to finding a cure for spinal cord injury.